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Imagine yourself unable to pick your next meal? What if you were allowed only the blanket issued to you at night? Think of never being able to sleep in, or rest on a comfy couch in front of the TV... What if all you owned was stored in a plastic storage box? Can you even imagine that sort of life? Does it make you think of living as a prisoner? Do you think of orphans when I describe that? 

The persons I'm speaking about are homeless. At this particular establishment 25% of their population is military veterans. Men who served our country, now unable to provide for their basic needs. People with mental health issues. People with addictions. Before you even mention they had a choice, think of the life events that may have occurred leading to that addiction.  

We met men of all walks of life today. Men who are not happy with being homeless. Men who used to have steady housing. Men as young as 18 and as old as 89. Yes... eighty-nine was the oldest resident. 

These men all have something big in common with you and me. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. They are all TORN. They all have struggles. They all desire more. We all desire more. We all have struggles. We all are TORN with different things in life. All.of.us.

Today, because of the support of you, my shoppers, we were able to stand together with these men. We were TORN TOGETHER. Thank you for your continued support of my business. It is because of your generous shopping that we provided 50 men with a new shirt. They thanked us and we THANK YOU! (I elected to not take photos as we didn't feel right posting photos and exploiting these men when they were down.)  

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